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At OTC ASIA, information collected from your visits will be used to protect any information that is willingly offered by utilizing the services offered on the website,

To summarize, this Privacy Policy explains how we handle and protect any information that we collect in order to ensure maximum security. It also states the method of how we collect this information in the first place.

Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will take immediate effect as soon as it it put up on this website. Therefore, we ask for your cooperation to check this site on a frequent basis in order to update your knowledge of our policy and any changes that have been made.

Collection of Information

For facilitation of faster payment and quick service, personal information may be required by our staff such as

  • name
  • e-mail address
  • phone number
  • credit card number

In addition, for the purpose of forming a company or business, we may require you to provide us with corporate/personal information such as.

  • company name (actual or proposed)
  • entity type
  • description of your business and its activities
  • registered address
  • name/ address of the shareholders/directors/officers of the company
  • paid up and the par value of shares

These information will be filed with ACRA for the sole purpose of company incorporation and will become public record accessible to any of the public in Singapore. However, for offshore jurisdiction company incorporation, the information will not be considered public record.

Internet Protocol (IP) address, ISP (Internet Service Provider, navigation and usage statistics and cookies will all be automatically collected anonymously from our visitors. This is to facilitate their traffic patterns and frequency and visits so as to execute certain actions such as displaying the daily number of visitors to our site. Daily requests (sorted by countries) for downloading and accessing particular files are also tracked and will be used to better serve our clients.

We make a solemn promise to never give away any collected information to third parties during our processes regardless of any purpose they may have.

Occasionally, OTC ASIA may use e-mails to inform our clients and visitors of new services or special offers through periodic mailings or otherwise update them through contact and communication. Customers may choose to drop out of these at any time if they do not wish to be bothered.


OTC ASIA strives to ensure that all your information is secure. To that end, it has put into place many physical, managerial and electronic procedures in order to safeguard any information we collect online and secure them to prevent unauthorized access/disclosure.


Due to government authority and mandate, we will be required to disclose or provide access your personal information to the law if required by legal process.

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