We have a thoughtfully-planned and vast network where all our storage distribution centers and consolidation centers are in great geographic placements, in close proximity to the major ports and hubs. This helps us to better fulfill our customers’ cross-border transport needs, just-in-time manufacturing requirements, final mile delivery, after-sales logistics, reverse logistics and many other expectations.

Credits to our professional and specialized team that is capable of integrating into a clean-room or temperature-controlled supply chain, we are able to design solutions for customers from various industries.

Be it a comprehensive international supply chain or a simple inventory management need, we have a whole range of value-added services to provide a truly bespoke solution for you.

- Strategically located distribution centers to help manage inventory and distribution requirements

- Enhanced stock management through tactful demand planning and inventory forecasting

- Warehouse location consultancy to improve inventory management and distribution

- Innovative IT systems to facilitate proper stock and transportation control